• 1176gigs
  • 5Tracks Produced
  • 208coffees per year
  • 337red buls per year
  • 2007year of creation
  • 530Area Code
  • 97Pokemon Caught
       From a very young age DJ Eclectic has been immersed in the music world. At 10 years of age he picked up his first instrument. From there he went on to branch out to other instruments in the world of classical music and Jazz. After having played at concerts, shows, and exhibitions he looked for a more open format and something with an endless capacity for creativity. When he landed on two turntables and a mixer he had found his calling. DJ Eclectic now resides in Chico, CA and has 4 local residencies you can catch him Party-Rockin’ anywhere from LA to Portland.


  • Owns Eclectic Sound DJs (mobile and club DJ company)
  • Owns Eclectic Designs (Graphic design company)
  • Holds six resedencies.
  • Has competed in four different DJ competitions where has has places top 2 in all of them.
  • Opened for artists such as: Adrian Marcel, M.I.C., San Quinn, Datsik, Ron Reeser, BoomBox Cartel and Mystic Roots.